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Franchise With Us

Do you want a piece of the Ultimate Desserts Restaurant?

Do you want to be part of a memorable dessert experiences that spark joy for every guest?

With over 50 locations, each of our Heavenly Desserts Restaurants is exclusively designed by our interior design team. Creating an elegant interior that is unique to each of our locations. Adapting and configuring the layout of the restaurant to suit and format or location.

We pride ourselves on sourcing Premium quality ingredients from around the world allowing us to deliver and create bespoke products, with high levels of finish and presentation. Our menu innovation and seasonal launches always keep our guests coming back for more.

We want to give our guests the best experience possible with our hospitality and knowledge. Our guests can expect full table service with every detail of there meal taken care of. Warm hospitality will make diners feel welcomed whilst they indulge in incredible desserts.

The on-trend environment provides a visually stunning and modern setting that is both inviting and sophisticated. Making Heavenly Desserts the ultimate investment opportunity.

Our key ingredients

To help the success of our franchise model and investment business opportunities within the hospitality sector we make sure as well as inviting restaurants we have premium ingredients for our indulgent range of food and beverages. Heavenly Desserts will take care of sourcing and supplying directly to your restaurant.

Italian Gelato

Making good ice-cream is not for amateurs – it’s the result on continuous research and testing. Every flavor originates from the skillful use of ingredients combined through innovative processes. Made exclusively for us in the cultural capital of gelato, Italy.

Arabica Coffee

Our 100% Arabica coffee is carefully roasted to perfection to bring out the full-bodied flavor & aroma. Our baristas are trained to craft every cup with care, ensuring that every sip is as authentic and delicious as the last.

Belgian Chocolate

Belgian Chocolate is considered one of the best in the world due to its exceptional flavor profile, which is the result of the high-quality cocoa beans and traditional techniques, delivering the unmistakable creamy texture and unique taste.

Authentic Waffles

We use a special flour blend that is finely milled to produce a light and fluffy texture, with just the right amount of sugar to create the perfect balance of sweetness. Every restaurant benefits from traditional waffle irons, creating an authentic finish.

We also offer as part of our Franchisee investment intelligent menu engineering, trend analysis, regular NPD, streamlined ingredients, delivery compatible.

Why become our partner?

  • We have 15 years’ experience

  • Proven business model

  • Highly experienced operations team

  • Low energy cost model (no usage of gas)

  • Respectable ROI

Join us on our journey in becoming the number 1 franchise of choice within the dessert franchising industry globally.



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