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Seasonal Campaigns

Keeping it Fresh!

Here at Heavenly Desserts, we like to do things differently. We are not just a dessert parlour or dessert restaurant. We are dessert innovators. Yes, we serve our extensive main menu in our restaurants, but we also have seasonal campaigns throughout the year. Look at some of our previous innovations we have created to tempt those taste buds.  
Our Spring collection launched in early 2023 bringing flavours from Japan over to our UK restaurants. Our guests indulged in a range of hand-crafted drinks, with the finest ingredients inspired by Japanese spring. Our Cherry Blossom & Lychee Seltzer bring together a delicate blend of cherry blossom syrup and lychee puree, perfectly balanced with a light fizz to give a burst of refreshment. Or for those seeking a more exotic experience, our Yuzu & Passionfruit Tonic delivered a zest citrus yuzu and tropical sweetness of passionfruit, creating a perfect harmony of flavours and garnished with Mochi.  
Bao Buns at Heavenly Desserts
Snap Your Spring Heavenly Desserts
Following on from spring we partnered with Asian inspired grocers itsu in the launch of their new sweet bao buns. These bao buns come with a velvety smooth chocolate centre with a salted caramel dipping sauce to transcend those senses.
We’ve upped iced coffee season in Mississauga, Canada with our iconic Spanish Iced Latte collection, set to change everything you thought you knew about iced coffee. Think bright, bold, and beautiful and get ready take your tastebuds on a Hispanic sensory journey. 
Also known as café con leche (simply translating to coffee with milk), a traditional Spanish latte consists of espresso coffee, condensed milk and sugar syrup which creates a thick, sticky, and sweet consistency. Add a little ice and aquí tienes – you’ve got the perfect coffee for those warmer days. 
What makes our Spanish Iced Latte so special? Our signature flavours of saffron and pistachio are used to produce silky-smooth sauces to create two colourful and sweet iced coffee beverages. The floral and sweet flavours of the saffron work harmoniously with the bitterness of the espresso, whilst the nutty and earthy notes of the pistachio balance it out to create two truly unique and delicious iced coffee drinks.
Bao Buns at Heavenly Desserts
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